How to make up asian. Covergirl makeup reviews.

How To Make Up Asian

how to make up asian

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Top of the Class: How Asian Parents Raise High Achievers--and How You Can Too

Top of the Class: How Asian Parents Raise High Achievers--and How You Can Too

Asians and Asian-Americans make up 4% of the U.S. population...and 20% of the Ivy League. Now find out how they do it.

The numbers speak for themselves: 18% of Harvard's population; 25% of Columbia's; 42% of Berkeley's; 24% of Stanford's; 25% of Cornell's...

What are Asian parents doing to start their kids on the road to academic excellence at an early age? What can all parents do to help their children ace tests, strive to achieve, and reach educational goals? In this book, two sisters-a doctor and a lawyer whose parents came from South Korea to the U.S. with two hundred dollars in their pockets-reveal the practices that lead Asian-Americans to academic, professional, and personal success.

The authors contend that Asian-Americans are no more intelligent than any other race or ethnic group. They say, "the reason Asian students out-perform their peers in the classroom has nothing to do with how they

85% (18)

Asian dreams. [141/365]

Asian dreams. [141/365]

I've been wanting to do a picture like this forever!
Last night I was just in the mood to dress up (surprise, surprise) and put on make-up so I thought I would do the Asian dreams picture I had in mind tonight!

The umbrella I'm holding reminds me of a story that has to do with where I bought it, The Asian Variety Store. A couple years ago, Krystal, Andrew and I go in there to look around. I was in there before, and so was Krystal, we just wanted to show Andrew really. So we were in the back just browsing, and I opened the freezer just looking in and the guy working came over and said "Do you even knoooooow what you're looking for?" He said it pretty rudely, but I just ignored the rudeness and responded politely and said "Nope, I'm just browsing." He didn't even respond to what I said and his eyes just widened and then he walked away. After that occurrence we all felt pretty uncomfortable so we decided to leave. Krystal passed him first, then Andrew, then me, and when I passed him, he looked up at me slightly and says "Fuck off!". I turned around immediately and just said "What is your problem?" He responds by saying "Well, I asked you if you knew what you were looking for over there and you gave me fucking attitude, I mean like-" I interrupt him and said "what attitude? I was just looking around. I don't know how you expect to run a business when you treat your customers like that" Then the lady behing the cash butts in the conversation and says "We don't want people like YOU in here. We already have the customers we need, we don't want you, or any people like you in here." At this point, I was pretty pissed. I was ready to knock someone out really, but I just stayed as calm as I possibly could and I said, "Whatever, I don't even understand how you keep this place running. I mean, who flips out at their own customers because they are looking around at merchandise in their store?" Then I left.
I haven't been back in that place since. As of now though, someone else owns it, thank goodness. The weirdest part about the day, was that later we all went up to Costco for supper, and the man and the lady working were there. I don't think I've ever given anyone such a dirty look in my life.
Usually I'm a nice person, I swear! Haha, I just don't put up with some peoples crap.

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20090704 ~ saturday night out ^^

20090704 ~ saturday night out ^^

~ outfit of the day ^^ (what i wore to pravda)
dress: h&m
bag: chanel large flap
shoes: guess ($45)

~ today's make up:
mascara: rimmel lycra lash extender, rimmel extra super lash
eye shadow: l'oreal hip duo (showy)
eye liners: maybelline unstoppable onyx (lower waterline) urban decay (yeyo)
eye shadow base: gosh shadow stick love that dolphin
blush: dior shimmer powder (rose diamond)
face: diorskin nude
lips: dior lipstick (fantasy pink), dior lipgloss (berry smoothie)

this hair style doesn't suite me =(

how to make up asian

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