Tattoo Cover Make Up

tattoo cover make up

    make up
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tattoo cover make up - Bluetrek Tattoo

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Cover Up

Cover Up

Like most times i forgot to make a shot before. In the middle was the head of a capricorn which i covered here. The big skull is a catalog flash design. The small skulls are replacing lotus flowers which the client didn't like.

I'm not a typical tattoo-artist who shows a skull in his shopping window for deco, but for tattooing as itself skulls offers endless possibilities in artistic engagement. I don't want to note here, how much ideas for different own variations i get by looking at this one.



This is my right leg. Org i tattooed an angel in blue ink when i was 16. Gratefully the light color i used will make it easy to cover up so i started my memorial tattoo for my dad. When im finished it should include all three roses and a captin morgans bottle

tattoo cover make up

tattoo cover make up

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