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Strawberry Cosmetic Website

strawberry cosmetic website

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i love making my own strawberry jam.

step 1. go to supermarket. or go to the backyard, if u have wild strawberries in your backyard. if u are going to supermarket please bring some cash. if you are going to your backyard, bring a knife in case u have to fight with a bear over the berries.

step 2. add half amount of sugar to the strawberries or add more sugar if u like it super sweet. for example. if u have 500g of strawberries, add 250g of sugar. and some lemon juice.

step 3. pour the sugar onto the strawberries and crush them with your hands, until juice flows out and mix with sugar. please take note, sugar would not melt at this stage, unless your hands are hot like fiiiaaahhh!

step 4. boil the mixture for about 15-20 mins, add a bit of corn starch (mixed with water) if u like it thick.

store the jam in sterilised jars while it's still hot. ta-da! there u go, home made strawberry jam.

Eyeko Raspberry Fat Balm, Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm

Eyeko Raspberry Fat Balm, Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm

¦ Manga Make-up: Eyeko ¦

Eyeko means "love" in Japanese and the graphics are inspired by manga, are colourful and the products and the communication are clearly aimed at teenagers, who are looking for nice and bright cosmetics which can emphasize their freshness... For more information, please visit our website.
¦ ¦ ¦ ¦ ¦
Eyeko significa "amore" in giapponese e la grafica si ispira ai manga, e molto colorata e i prodotti e la comunicazione si rivolgono chiaramente ad un target di giovanissime, che cercano dei cosmetici carini, vivaci e che esaltino la loro freschezza... Per maggiori informazioni, visita il nostro sito.

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strawberry cosmetic website

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